Boss CP-1X Compressor


Boss CP-1X Compressor

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The Boss CP-1X is a new type of multiband compressor that uses intelligent processing to analyze your signal in multiple dimensions as you play, to provide advanced dynamics control. It has a four-knob interface  to make it easy to dial in your tone, while the handy gain reduction indicator always shows you how much compression is being applied. 

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  • Next-generation guitar compressor that uses BOSS’s advanced MDP tech to preserve musical expression
  • Intelligent circuitry adapts to every register and playing nuance, providing natural compression with exceptional clarity
  • Sophisticated under-the-hood processing with multiple interlocking parameters, accessible with simple stompbox controls
  • Gain reduction indicator shows the current compression amount at a glance
  • Digital circuitry greatly reduces noise, a common problem with standard compressors
  • Professional 18-volt input electronics provide ample headroom for clean, punchy sound
  • Works with all types of guitars, including seven- and eight-string instruments and acoustic-electrics


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