Boss MS 3 Switcher


Boss MS 3 Switcher

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Discover unlimited sound creation with the Boss MS 3 Switcher, featuring 112 built-in pedal effects.

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  • Powerful Integrated Solution for Creating a Compact Professional Pedalboard
  • Six Simultaneous Pedal Effects & Audio Loops for Connecting Three External Pedals
  • 112 Built-In Effects Types for Guitar & Bass, Including Delays, Reverbs, Mod/Pitch Effects, Overdrives, Distortions, & More
  • Intuitive User Interface for Easy Patch Creation
  • Backlit LCD, Editing Knobs, & Panel LEDs for On/Off Status Of Loops & Effects; Control Assign, Wave Pedal, & Other Functions for Deep Real-Time Expression, Equipped With Numerous Jacks for Amp Channel Switching, Effects Control, & More
  • Midi Output for Working With Midi-Enabled Effects
  • Built-In Tuner, Noise Suppressor, & Global EQ
  • USB for Patch Creation & Backup Via Free MS-3 Editor/Librarian Software


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