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Phone: 419-352-7902
John Danielak
Guitar Teacher
John Danielak started playing guitar in 1979 and is a former student of Durdel’s instructor Bruce Baginski. A 1988 graduate of the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA, he began teaching guitar that same year and joined the Durdel’s teaching staff in January 1991. “Durdel’s is one of my favorite places. I can always feel better by just being there”.

After playing in various bands in the early 90’s, John formed The Beef Carvers in 1993. The band played regularly for the next seven years and opened for such acts as The Tubes, Luther Allison, The Lemonheads and Pat Dailey. In 1996, one of The Beef Carvers original songs, ‘Blasphemy,’ wound up on Toledo’s 94.5 Local Perspective and the St. Louis music compilation RMS 96 CDs. A revived version of the band, now called The Earregulars, is currently playing around the Toledo area.

“Being a musician and teacher has been a positive experience for me. I encourage anyone interested in music, or any form of art, to pursue it with passion — it will enrich your life.”